Firebloom Candle Launch

Firebloom Candle Launch

I bought Scent-sational candles in August of 2021. I loved the wooden wick,  the soy wax, and the special handmade touch the candle had. My mom at the time owned a gift shop in Wakaw and every time I went into the store the first thing I did was smell and the candles and just think to myself "wow." When the time came and the old owner was ready to step back from making Scent-sational candles my mom called me and I knew immediately I wanted to take over and step into the candle making business.

After making Scent-sational candles for a couple months I always loved hearing how people would reuse their jars. I used to reuse mine as pots for small succulents. It got me thinking, wouldn't it be cool if a candle came in an actual planter that could be reused for years and years. 

That is how Firebloom came to me. 

So then I started looking into how to make concrete planters. Little did I know it was going to take a lot more time and patience than I initially realized. 5 months later, about 500 pounds of cement, absolute messes, tears, HUGE wins, and many many small losses, I finally created a product I was truly proud of. Making this candle as handmade as I can requires A TON more work, but honestly, makes me overjoyed that I can make this all with my hands, while supporting small and local businesses along the way. 

Something was missing yet though. 

The candle I loved, the planter I loved, but what will make these candles stand out even more? You can buy candles and pots anywhere really. What could I do to really make this special? Thinking cap went on and I started looking around and found a seed paper company in Canada. This is how the seed paper candle cover was decided. So now this is starting to look pretty cool. Customers will get to go through the whole process of having a candle, planting seeded paper and watching it bloom. 

The name Firebloom came to us after the seeded paper. It demonstrates how the candle is more than just a candle. Burn. Plant. Bloom. Exactly what happens with this new line. 

Each Firebloom is made with the same soy blend wax and an even larger wooden wick that you love from the Scent-sational candles. They come individually boxed in a recyclable kraft box. I wanted to make sure that this candle was as eco-friendly and reusable as possible. Being able to set up a product to have minimal waste is very important to me. 

I want to thank all of you who have followed me this long, and thank the newcomers who are just starting this journey with me. I appreciate all of you and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you guys love this new candle the same way I do. 

Time to let you all BURN. PLANT. BLOOM. 


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