I have to comment on the SCENT-SATIONAL CANDLES. I burn candles all year long and have always favored Party lite followed by Colonial Candle. Partylite is made in the good old USofA so that scores in the negative. Although Partylite burns clean....no wax left in container and no black sooty smudges on my wall. SCENT-SATIONAL candles left about half an inch of wax in the jar. BUT.....somehow that wick has to be accommadated for. THAT WICK SNAP CRACKLED AND POPPED!!!!!!! How nice when these Walter Frank Theodore hurricane winds have been howling around my house. SCENT-SATIONAL candles are made locallly (yeah) and are in a recyclable jar. Put your raspberry jam in it. Partylite are pretty but serve no purpose to me when the wax is gone.
And that smell!!!! I bought the Creamy Cinnamon Chai SCENT-SATIONAL candle and loved it. I like the heavy spicey fragrances and can't wait for her Christmas line.
All in all, I am impressed with SCENT-SATIONAL CANDLES and will be a repeat buyer.
I am not condemning Partylite.....its the only candle I could compare with. I still have my favs in Partylite, was once a consultant but I need to work on that made in the USA thing.
Get out there and buy these candles BUT LEAVE A CREAMY CINNAMON CHAI for me.